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Austin Corso

Developer, Explorer, Life-long Learner

Accelerate: Transforming Nike Digital APIs with GraphQL

  • "Four weeks of engineering saved."

  • "7,500 lines of client code and tests eliminated."

  • "16x reduction in data-over-wire."

  • "Quicker mobile releases."

These are just a few of the exciting accomplishments teams are achieving with GraphQL at Nike.

Introducing S3 Auth - The Secure SSO Portal for AWS S3

Hosting a static site? Having difficulties with authentication?

S3 Auth provides secure external access to your organization’s AWS S3 buckets. Never has it been easier to grant clients, stakeholders, and partners granular access to individual S3 buckets within your AWS account. Users sign up either through email or a SSO provider such as Google or Facebook. Account administrators then assign users to buckets and voilà – users through the S3 Auth portal can securely view a curated selection of S3 hosted websites, web applications, and files.

Comparing React Redux Async Middlewares

React transformed the front-end space, bringing functional programming back into broad acclaim with its component-based, declarative nature. The DOM is virtualized, abstracting away the reconciliation process and rendering process, to let developers focus on modeling the schema and flow of state.

Featured Projects

Nike Retail Touchscreens

An "Endless Aisle" – interactive retail touchscreens enabling customers to browse .COM product, facilitate checkout, and provide mapping/sign-up for Nike events. Deployed worldwide across 100+ Nike retail locations, 3 continents, and 4 languages.

Implementation involved an Electron/NodeJS-based touchscreen platform providing seamless integration, inter-app navigation, and messaging between multiple independently developed web applications; several JavaScript (React/Redux/NodeJS) touch-screen web apps; and high-availability/scalability AWS architecture with canary continous-delivery.

Department of Energy

Multi-office platform built on the Drupal 7 framework providing a web presence for over 60 offices. Streamlined automation scripts with Jenkins. Mapbox integration for rich visualizations. Sophisticated publication workflow for reviewing of content with minimal developer assistance. Responsive design for a quality experience across a wide range of devices.

Phone Call Notes

Android (Java) mobile app independently developed, giving users the ability to record notes on phone call conversations. Now on the Google Play Store with hundreds of downloads and a 5-star average review!


Drupal 6 platform with accompanying Angular / Cordova mobile app for iOS and Android. Serves the half-a-million strong Bass Anglers Sportsman Society.

and many more...